• Speak to the students about his/her career; the education and skills acquired
  • Describe daily activities and responsibilities
  • Hold open discussion with students regarding opportunities in his/her arts field
  • Assist Teaching Artist with language translation for demonstrations and instructions
  • Recruit and engage non-English speaking parents as volunteers
  • Provide written translation for marketing materials, evaluations, questionnaires, reflections, etc
  • Learn about the work of Doing Art Together and becoming familiar with programs
  • Assist with proposals currently underway by adding requested information such as annual audit, board list, mission statement, organizational budgets, publications, photographs, etc
  • Help to develop a proposal program budget
  • Research to identify new potential funders
  • Write compelling proposals
  • Rewrite/write proposals tailored to specific stated interests of the foundation or corporation—i.e. early childhood education, GED students, etc.
  • Track and maintain our present funders, i.e. keeping a calendar of due dates, submitting proposals, writing thank you letters for grants received, interim reports and final reports to funders
  • Help to develop a strategic plan and cultivate individual donors
  • Cultivate connections with corporate companies, foundations, and individual by setting up meetings
  • Set-up program observations
  • Demonstrate the ways art impacts the lives of students
  • Develop human interest stories to connect people with our program
  • Reach out to galleries, cultural institutions and restaurants for in-kind donations and event space
  • Coordinate other volunteers in collecting donations.
DAT relies on creativity and visibility to raise awareness of arts and education in the communities it serves, as well as to attract funding, donors, and volunteers. To assist in this area, DAT is seeking an individual with a background in marketing and branding, with exceptional graphic art computer skills, who can strengthen DAT’s place in the arts education market.

Specific Tasks:

  • Develop Doing Art Together marketing material, i.e. brochures, flyers
  • Contribute fresh marketing ideas to reach DAT’s targeted populations for volunteers and donors
  • Assist with appropriate logo marketing
  • Assist in securing affordable printing options
In addition to hands-on art workshops offered throughout the year, DAT holds a benefit auction in the spring and monthly events for its Doing Art Together Associates. As a nonprofit organization, DAT relies on publicity to attract donors and volunteers and raise awareness of its platform. DAT seeks an individual with public relations experience and contacts in the arts, education and nonprofit arena to strengthen the visibility of the organization.

Specific Tasks:

  • Establish a publicity contact network for DAT
  • Leverage current relationships to create exposure for DAT
  • Provide guidance for maintaining DAT’s public presence
  • Provide analysis of data collected from evaluations of programs
  • Assist with data from surveys, observations and interviews
Doing Art Together Associates (DATA) is a membership group of dynamic and active adults ranging in age of 20 to 40+. DAT is seeking a coordinator to work with DATA’s chairperson.

  • Gather for monthly social events such as gallery openings, artist studio visits, performances, film screenings, and DAT class exhibitions
  • Schedule and plan events, research locations, recruit donations, etc.
  • Assist DAT staff with the training and management of volunteers for a specific project/art workshop
  • Operate as the volunteer contact person for a project and the liaison between DAT staff and volunteers
  • Assist DAT with the overall execution of a project
  • Assist with the many tasks associated with putting on the Annual Benefit including assisting on the day of the event  and at the event itself.
  • Assist with Installation of Exhibitions/Gallery
  • Doing Art Together has several installations of art work each year. This volunteer assignment would be for assistance in setting up and tearing down the installation(s) and providing assistance at the time of the exhibitions.

Many hands are needed on field trips to museums, galleries, etc. Volunteers are greatly appreciated!

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