As DAT is gaining partners, we are looking for Teaching Artist to lead a class of different age groups who can act as a coach and mentor for the youth, as well as the Teaching Artist Assistant.

Specific Tasks:

  • Ensure that DAT mission and Culture is promoted at all times
  • Planning and partnering with classroom teachers to develop curricula for each grade or residency population
  • Submit curricula to DAT Director of Programs for approval
  • Provide and review curricula to classroom and DAT Teaching Artist Assistant for collaborative ideas
  • Prepare sample works of hands-on activities and visual reproduction
  • Implement classroom and behavior management
  • Create a fun and safe environment by setting up, taking down, and cleaning up
  • InstallĀ Art Exhibitions by following DAT guidelines
DAT seeks assistants to work with Teaching Artists in the classrooms, participate in administering Art-a-thons, chaperone on field trips to museums and cultural organizations, help engage students.

Specific Tasks:

  • Assist Teaching Artists with set up, breakdown and clean up for an art workshop
  • Help assemble exhibitions
  • Provide language translation (if possible and necessary)
  • Manage the evaluation process
  • Accompany class on field trips/museum trips
  • Assist with coordination and management of participants
DAT seeks a ReServist to work as a bookkeeper/payroll administrator, overseeing our systems; ADP, Quickbooks 2015 Online, and other finance operations.

This position is very important for our organization to maintain our financial records, bi-weekly payroll and to make sure our records are all up to date and ready for real-time auditing.


  • Assist in the provision of analysis of the integral business decisions
  • Support and help reach long and short term financial goals
  • Implement procedures to improve on various financial and business processes
  • Offer inventive product portfolios and services
  • Assist in the development of financial strategies

Specific tasks:

  • Update and maintain records of financial transactions, verify, allocate and post details of business transactions to accounts in QuickBooks Online
  • Reconcile and balance accounts(including bank accounts); issue and process debit card account reports
  • Process and maintain bi-weekly payroll information; handle personal transactions. Generate financial reports, handle bank accounts
  • Handle accounts receivables, including process and follow-up on all purchase orders and invoices
If you wish to join Doing Art Together’s team, please specify the position you would like to apply for in the subject line and introduce yourself. In a follow up email, we will notify you to provide your resume. Thank you for your time in pursing a new path with DAT.

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